Welcome to Aloha In Common

Hi, I'm Jennifer.  With so much negativity, nonsense, and fear going on in the world trying to divide us I wanted to create companies that would actually spread positivity, connection, and joy AND
companies that help people laugh, smile, and matter.

No matter what our differences are, we can always
find our Aloha in Common.
Some of us love bacon.
Some of us hate liver & onions.
Some of us love shopping.
Some of us are afraid of the dark.
We have similar hobbies.
We love a lot of the same foods.
We like rooting for & against some of the same sports teams.

We all need to breathe to live.

We have so much more in common than we even know.
These are the things that can bring us back and keep us together.
And helping people find fun and easy ways to do this is my goal.

Aloha is so much more than a greeting.
It’s love, respect, joy, grief, compassion, peace, gratitude,
and so much more.
Aloha translates to  breath of life.  
And that is what I was called here to do…
help people find ways to breathe life & love into their lives.

I’m starting with your minds & your closets but it’s going to be so much more.

I invite you to stay in touch and join me on this journey to do my part
to make the world a better place one breath at a time.